The best celebrity cosmetics brand for all your hair, skin and makeup needs

The best celebrity cosmetics brand for all your hair, skin and makeup needs

It’s true that celebrities can hire professional make-up artists, have fun with stylists, and find the world’s top skin care professionals. Fortunately for all of us, they were kind enough to share the secrets of their beauty, that is, through an affordable cosmetology line. From Rihanna to Jennifer Lopez, here are the top celebrity beauty brands for all your hair, skin and makeup needs. In addition, each brand’s favorite product.

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1. Selena Gomez’s Strange Beauty

Serena Gomez’s make-up line has fans and cosmetologists who flock to stores (and online) to get their collections. In Rare, you can find foundations, concealers, lipsticks, primers and brushes. These are perfect for a simple everyday look.

Buy our selection: Soft Pin Chili Kid Blush ($ 20); Lip Souffle Matte Cream ($ 20); Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation ($ 29).


Our favorite TV mom (and always the crazy mastermind) has spent 10 years perfecting Pattern Beauty, the hair care line we love and use often. Dissatisfied with the lack of natural hair expression on television, Tracy Ellis Ross created a collection of all hair types and textures. Whether you’re looking for a non-rinse hair product, conditioner or hair oil, Ross offers something to everyone with curls and curls.

Buy our choice: Moisturizing Shampoo ($ 20); Leave In Conditioner ($ 25); Jojoba Hair Serum ($ 25)


If you’ve ever wondered how Millie Bobby Brown will have shiny skin, her beauty line, Florence by Mills (named after her grandmother, how cute is it?) Please check. Pure cosmetology brands are full of vitamins, antioxidants and plants. In addition, the light lavender wrap makes you want to keep exhibiting it.

Buy Our Choice: Zero Chill Face Mist ($ 11); Look Alive Eye Balm ($ 16); Peel Off Mind Growing Mask ($ 22).


Are we surprised that the queen of airy looks has launched her own line of cosmetics? Bring your eyes to life with vibrant lipstick, shimmering eyeshadow, and vibrant liquid eyeliner to express your inner gaga. Every purchase is a win-win because $ 1 is donated to the Born This Way Popstar Fund.

Buy our selection: Le Riot Lip Gloss ($ 18); Visualize Eyeliner Pencil Gel ($ 20). Gram Room Palette ($ 34).

5. Venus Williams 11

Venus Williams decided to keep things simple and focus on FPS, the product we always need in our daily lives. Tennis Star has launched EleVen with sunscreen and sunscreen serum for all skin types and colors. The lightweight formula is leaf safe and protects the skin and the environment.

Buy our selection: Perfect Foam Lip Balm SPF 15 ($ 19); Sunscreen SPF 30 on the Defense ($ 21); FPS 35 Ultimate Sun Serum ($ 50).

6. The beauty of Lorena Conrad.

Hills stars and fashion mogul launched their make-up line in 2020 and have already gained a huge fan base (especially the attention of our own beauty director, Jenny Jean). Eco-brands are a minimalist dream because everything is easily blended and perfect for on-the-go appeal. You can’t buy gifts at this time, but you can sign up to receive the 2022 collection first.


7. The beauty of Victoria Beckham by Victoria Beckham

In 2019, fashion and beauty guru Victoria Beckham created Victoria Beckham Beauty to provide pure, sophisticated (and highly effective) products. Whether she’s looking for a great eyeliner, serum, or basic moisturizer, Beckham has tried to keep working girls (or spice girls in training) in mind.

Buy our selection: Satin Kajal Liner ($ 28); Glittering Beanie ($ 36); Elegant Lipstick ($ 38).


There are many natural hair brands out there, but Taraji P. Henson has made a name for himself by focusing on scalp care for all hair types and textures. Whether braided, curled or afro, the actress hydrates, cleanses and nourishes the scalp and hair with nutritional ingredients such as shea butter, avocado oil and tea tree oil. To be honest, you can’t make a mistake on anything on the line.

9. Rihanna’s FENTY BEAUTY

When Rihanna launched Fenny Beauty in 2017, she changed her makeup forever by releasing an all-new 40-color foundation (later expanded to 50-color). This started a conversation in the beauty industry that all skin tones should be more versatile. And if cosmetics weren’t enough, the singer completed her second major release with Fenty Skin (as if our salon didn’t have enough funds).

Shop our recommendations: Gloss Bomb Universal Replumeizer ($19); Pro Filter Soft Matte Longwear Foundation ($36); Kirawat Freestyle Highlighter ($36).

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10. Key Soul Care Alicia Keys

To be honest, Alicia Keys is a skin care target. After proposing a beauty line for a while, I finally came here. Keys Soul care was launched in early 2021 with the help of dermatologist Dr. René Snyder. The collection features products for the face, body, and home for perfect day care. The always shining clear skin of the key is proof that we are stocking up everything we need.

Buy our choice: soothing balms ($ 12); become radiant scrubs ($ 22); skin transformation cream ($ 30)

11. HIT GWYNETH Paltrow

You can’t talk about a celebrity cosmetology brand without talking about the brain behind the group. Gwyneth Paltrow has transformed the Goop from a weekly newsletter to a lifestyle empire. Pure beauty products are popular among the editors of PureWow and can blame us for seeing the non-toxic ingredients of nature.

Buy our selection: Clean and Nourishing Lip Balm Trio ($ 42); G.Tox Himalayan Scalp Shampoo ($ 42); Multipurpose Nourishing Face Cream ($ 95)


Gabrielle Union has always been the inspiration for our hair. That’s why we were thrilled when she renewed her hair care brand Flawless in August 2020. From hydration conditioners to rejuvenating masks, Union-approved products are ready to hydrate, shape and repair hair. With natural hair, anyone can get Star Lock.

Buy our choice: Edge Control Repair ($ 7); Activated Oil for Exotic Curly Hair ($ 10); Soothing Scalp Toner ($ 10).

13. Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty

What is the secret of Jessica Alba’s anti-aging dressing? beautiful beauty. In 2015, Aruba expanded its empire beyond the house brand (aka The Honest Company) and introduced Honest Beauty, another skin care and makeup company with a range of facial products free of harmful or toxic ingredients.

Shop our recommendations: Gentle Gel Cleanser ($16), Extreme Length 2-in-1 Mascara and Rush Primer ($17), Hydrogel Cream ($25).

14. The floral beauty of Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore, the free spirit everyone loves, has given you one more reason to love her by launching a beauty brand that looks like a designer but doesn’t cost a fortune. Barrymore, one of OG’s celebrities (circa 2013), uses makeup to create a bold and vibrant look. (In addition, it also has a full line of hair tools.)

Shop our recommendations: Flower Pot Powder Blush ($11), Cheek Bomb Color Drop ($11), Light Illusion Liquid Foundation ($15).

15. Significant Beauty Cindy Crawford

Legendary supermodels began to regain the role of the runway and later created anti-aging skin care products. Meaningful Beauty focuses on antioxidant creams, dark spot treatments and serums that hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

Shop our recommendations: 3 Age Proof Treatment Kit ($30), 5 Piece Starter Kit ($54) Serum Cream ($65).

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